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26 October, 2017

BPC’s P513,000 deal propels cycling race

Speaking during the sponsorship launch on Monday in Gaborone, the BPC manager, marketing and communications, Dineo Seleke said the first year of the deal will see the corporation give the club P155,000 with a subsequent 10% increase in the remaining years of the agreement.
“This is not the first time we get into partnership with Tsela Riders. This partnership will go a long way towards the development of cycling in Botswana,” Seleke said. “Therefore, we are proud to be part of sport development. One of BPC’s operational objectives is to support sporting activities in the country.” 
She said in pursuit of this objective, they have agreed with their partners that some of the funds in the sponsorship package would be used for supporting youth development efforts at the club. BPC’s sponsorship gives the corporation the right to be the title sponsors for the Otse Cycle Challenge, which will now be known as the BPC Otse Kanye Cycle Challenge. “As part of the partnership between us and Tsela we shall engage in community outreach projects as a way of giving back to the community within which BPC operates. In conjunction with Tsela Riders, we would also sponsor a prize giving ceremony in one selected school to be identified along the race route,” she added. She said one school each year will be identified and sponsored.
Tsela Riders chairperson, Charls Vaughan expressed his gratitude on behalf of the club, to the BPC for supporting their efforts to develop cycling in Botswana.
“As Tsela Riders we are so excited as the partnership will lead to increased interest towards cycling as well as the intent to market BPC products and use the funds to develop cycling,” he said.
He said their club will benefit a lot in terms of branding because it will spread during the activation process as well as during the race thus attracting more members to the club, which is what their focus is on, particularly in regard to females. He said the sponsorship would also help them to attract more cyclists who were struggling to continue with the sport due to lack of funds.

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01 August, 2017

Young Ebudilwe Tokyo 2020’s biking dream on the horizon

If all sporting competitions were awarded based on statistics and previous performances, then it will be safe to say Mahalapye-born cyclist, Bokang Ebudilwe’s dream of reaching the Tokyo 2020 Olympics is imminent based on her recent achievements and prospects. Nonetheless should, Ebudilwe add the Olympics qualification to her progressive credentials, the 21-year-old cyclist will surely become the first Motswana and first female cyclist to reach the much coveted summer games.

Ebudilwe (21), who is affiliated to Tsela Riders is currently ranked 4th in Africa and 146th in the world by the Union Cycliste International in the Under-23 category. Her first break was in 2014 during the 2nd Africa Youth Games as an 18-year-old, even though she did not manage podium finish.peaking at the recent Nedbank Tour de Tuli, Ebudilwe said her 2014 break into cycling was never about winning but building up for her cycling career where she has since won numerous awards since her debut.

“For me you can’t start something which is even new to your country and expect to be a world beater; it’s an expensive sport and firstly for me was securing the right gear to compete.”

“A proper cycling bike can cost P100 000 but it’s the right mentality that win races. I am racing here in the Nedbank Tour de Tuli to prepare for the upcoming Olympics which is my ultimate dream. The terrain here is uneven which is even good practice for me. At the Olympics I intend to do road cycling,” she said.

Ebudilwe is also a club member in Lesotho where she normally gets her practices and competition to perfect her cycling skills.

Source : Botswana Unplugged

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21 April, 2017

World Group Breathes Life Into Returning Classic Challenge

The race starts with a prologue stage, which is a time trial that would be held at the Gaborone CBD on May 12. The second stage is scheduled for Taung (Ramotswa) to Mmankgodi, where riders would do 84km.  The third stage of the race, which is the criterium of 45 minutes would be at the CBD. The last lap of the race is on May 14 starting at Sebele Mall to Mosaditshwene, to complete the 120km challenge.Speaking during the sponsorship launch yesterday, Tsela Riders chairperson, Charles Vaughan said the partnership with World Group of Companies started in 2014. He said cycling is growing at an impressive rate in Botswana. 
He said they expect cyclists from South Africa, Zimbabwe and Swaziland to attend the competition.“There is a hill at Taung, which is used as an obstacle for the cyclists.  They know what I am talking about.You need to ride over that hill five times and at the end we need a winner. At CBD we need cyclists to ride at full speed.The last lap of the challenge needs endurance from the cyclists and we expect them to be very fast. Remember that our bicycles are not motorised, you paddle with your legs,” he said.
He said the Botswana Classic has all elements such as sprints,flats, hills and distance.He said the cycling challenge is high speed chasing with technicalities.Vaughan said cyclists would accumulate points during the stages of the race until the final winner is picked in the end.Vaughan said in the last race, the route was in Lobatse where cyclists did 100km.
Meanwhile, the race would be without dominant women cyclist, Anouk van der Geest.But despite her absence, Vaughan said there are some women cyclists who stand a better chance of emulating Van deer Geest.  The former Tsela Riders cyclist has since relocated from Botswana.Meanwhile, World Group of Companies chief executive officer (CEO), Salim Shaikh said his group of companies has always been at the forefront of sport development.He said they have assisted various sporting codes such as cricket and football.
Classifications and prizes: general classification: Position one: P5,000, Position two (P3,500), third position: (P2,500). Women: Position one: (P5,000), second position: (P3,500), third position (P2,500). Juniors (men and women): Position one: P3,000, Position two: P2,000 and the third position is P1,500.Prize money is also available for different categories such as sub vets (31-39 years), vets (40-49 years), Under-17 boys and girls  for the road stages only. 
The challenge is sponsored by Steel Junction, Trade World, Caltex, Builders World with medical assistance from MedRescue Botswana.

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03 August, 2016

P184,000 Sponsorship For Cycling Challenge

The second edition of the Mascom Cycling Challenge has received a P184,000 sponsorship boost from Mascom Wireless

The race, scheduled for September 4 at the Airport Junction mall in Gaborone, will be sponsored for P184,741 and of the amount P79,000 will go to hosts, Tsela Riders.
Speaking at the sponsorship launch in Phakalane yesterday, Mascom chief marketing officer, Dzene Makhwade-Seboni said her company continues to be a major sponsor of various sporting events.
“The mandate of the race is to grow participation in cycling as a sport and provide a platform for cyclists who are at different levels of professionalism to challenge themselves in the race categories available at the Mascom Cycle Challenge,” she said. Makhwade-Seboni said the first instalment of the race attracted 207 cyclists and this year, the target is 300.
Meanwhile Tsela Riders secretary, Patrick Tshomane said the race is divided into three categories being the 120km, 60km and 20km races. The 120km main race will be staged along the A1 route from Airport Junction mall, past Rasesa junction and back. He said amongst the categories they have various slots. “The race is divided into professionals, youth, under 23, sub-veterans and veterans. The idea is to encourage more cyclists to take part in the race. We would be giving prizes to winners in those various categories,” he said.
He said as Tsela Riders they are happy about the way cycling is growing in the country. Tshomane said they expect cyclists from neighbouring countries such as Zimbabwe, South Africa and Swaziland. He added that the race is being held under the theme ‘Lets share the road’.
Tshomane said that is meant to encourage motorists to share the road with cyclists because there have been incidents where motorists knock down cyclists. Tshomane said such incidents should be condemned by all means possible.
Registration for the race is done at Cycle Base and Bike Shop in Gaborone.



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04 December, 2012

Chipongo finishes second at Tsela riders Criterium

ZIMBABWE’s cycling champion, Bright Chipongo raised the country’s flag high at the Tsela Riders Criterium in Botswana on Saturday when he finished second. The event was an open race for athletes from across the world and participants took part in the 2,5km circuit with five laps.Chipongo was the only Zimbabwean taking part in the race and he managed to finish second in 36 minutes 30seconds behind Spain’s Bernando Ayuso who clocked 35minutes 30seconds.

Tebogo Blessing was third in 37minutes 30seconds. Chipongo said the race was an opportunity to learn as he competed with some of the world’s professional cyclists. “It was my first time to compete in the race and the competition was much better compared to local races.It was an open race with professionals from Europe and I had a good ride.The only challenge I had was the heat because the temperatures are quite high.

“We need to improve in training and the other issue is that I did not have teammates around, I was alone but I hope next time we will have other guys taking part.

“It was a late invitation and we did not have the opportunity to send a big team. Most of the guys have not been training and were out of form, so I was the only one selected and I had to go and see how I would perform fortunately I came second,” said Chipongo.

Chipongo lamented lack of competition on the local scene and said most of the time he has to compete outside the country. “In Zimbabwe, unfortunately there isn’t enough competition. Personally I rely on technology and top range equipment, after two or three months I travel to South Africa for assessment and that’s where I get competition.

However, it’s always difficult to travel around.

“I have been in cycling for eight years and I moved to Harare at the beginning of last year. I used to train in Mutare but since I moved to Harare I have seen some changes and I have managed to get exposure,” said Chipongo.

The 25-year-old said the Botswana race is likely to be his last professional race for this year as the upcoming event is a social race.

Source : The Herald

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